Nine Week
Baby Institute Workshop Starts
September 21, 2019

Structure and Timeline:

The Baby Institute is a 9 week program held on Saturdays from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  Each session includes breakfast, two one-hour classes, a half hour parent-child activity to observe interactions, and lunch. Nutrition and safety are part of lunch. Childcare and transportation are provided for each session. 

Baby Institute Curriculum 

The program consists of nine weekly sessions that focus on a different curriculum topic necessary for raising healthy and happy children.

Session 1: Program/Family Introductions. Pre Survey (interest/needs)

  • Ten Things All Children Need: Purpose of

  • Parent/Child Interactions: What is Parenting?

Session 2: Brain Development: Ten Things All Children Need

Session 3: Building Positive Self Esteem in Your Children

Session 4: Parenting Styles: Child Development (Ages and Stages)

Session 5: Helping Young Children Express and Manage Anger

Session 6: Young Children and Discipline

Session 7: Teaching Social Problem-Solving Skills to Young Children

Session 8: Helping Children Express Feelings/Anger Management

Session 9: Parenting Skills for Early Literacy; Post Survey; Wrap-Up and Graduation Celebration with Incentive Awards


Pre- and Post- Parent Survey to determine effectiveness of program and to identify areas in need of improvement.

Over time, once students reach school age, data analysis of test scores as a measurement of success.